Our (Imperfect) Impact

We believe in shopping thoughtfully and intentionally, so that we can live more joyfully.

Fashion is one of the most polluting and exploitative industries in the world, and we're doing our best to be part of the solution - not the problem. There is no such thing as an ethically perfect product, but we choose to support designers who are genuinely trying to make a positive impact, both on the planet and on their workers' lives.

As a starting place, Ash & Rose ONLY carries brands that are sweatshop and child-labor free, and design quality products meant to stand the test of time.

All of our brand partners meet at least two of the criteria below. Look for these labels on every product page so that you can shop your values.



Bamboo Fabric: Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that requires no fertilizers or pesticides, and regenerates after each harvest without replanting.

Bamboo fiber is usually processed into viscose using a chemically intensive process, so we can't call bamboo a fully sustainable fabric  (especially if waste-chemicals are dumped into waterways).

Still, when produced responsibly, bamboo fabrics are far more sustainable than most synthetics. Bamboo fabric is buttery soft, durable and machine washable.


Charitable: Brands that we've tagged as charitable give back monetarily by donating a percentage of their profits to a worthy cause, or operating as a non-profit organization.

We'll share more details on individual product pages.


Cruelty-Free: Not all of our products are vegan, meaning that we sell some items made with animal by-products like leather, wool, horn, and yes even some fur. When we label a product as cruelty-free, that means that no animals were killed or harmed in the making.

You will also see the Cruelty-Free tag show up in our Bath & Body category (within our gift shop), to indicate that products have not been tested on animals.

If you're VEGAN: Most of our products are animal-free, and you can even filter within any category to only see vegan styles (see "Vegan" below).



Fair Labor Practices: Imported brands with fair labor practices offer dignified employment with living wages, safe working conditions, and career growth opportunities.

Most sweatshop workers are women of color and under the age of 25. It's sad to say that the majority of clothes sold in the US are sewn by people who make poverty wages (or no wages at all) and work in  unsafe, abusive, and even deadly conditions.

We refuse to sell goods that are produced at the expense of human life and dignity. We look forward to a world where this is normal.



Fair Trade: Similar to Fair Labor (above), Fair Trade producers offer living wages and safe working conditions, but take things a step further by becoming certified by a third party organization such as the Fair Trade Federation or Fair Trade International. Fair Trade Certification is a signal that brands are deeply committed to the development and prosperity of the communities where they reside.

Getting certified is a very intensive, expensive, and lengthy process, and therefore we don't require it of smaller importers we trust. 


In a world where mass-produced fashion is king, we think there's great value in preserving the tradition of making things by hand. There is something beautiful about the imperfections and irregularities in handmade goods that can't be replicated at a larger scale.

We seek producers who bring in details like embroidery, weaving, and hand-painting to add unique character to their craft.

There is more than one way to use hemp! Garments made from hemp are softer, more gentle on the skin, sturdier, and the best part - biodegradable. Hemp can produce 250% more fiber than cotton and 600% more fiber than flax with the same amount of land! It requires no pesticides or harmful chemicals which is another bonus. Also, hemp has been used as a fabric dating back to Ancient Egypt and China. Don’t worry you don’t have to travel back in time because many of our brands use hemp in their production! However you use hemp it will be sure to make you feel good!
Unlike some of the more thirstier crops, modal uses ten to twenty times less water. However, Modal is thirsty in its own way! It absorbs 50% more water than cotton which makes it breathable and soft to the touch. Modal is made from the wood pulp of beech trees which is a great environmentally friendly fabric when sourced sustainably. It is important to note that not all Modal is created equal and some sourcing practices can be harmful. However, at Ash & Rose we make sure our Modal fabrics are sourced ethically and sustainably!

Cotton, it’s the fabric of our lives! However, not all cotton is equal. Organic cotton products are grown naturally and made with less water without pesticides, insecticides and herbicides. Regular cotton can have harmful impacts on the environment, farmers, and communities. Many harvesting methods include chemicals that are on the EPA’s most toxic list. This can have fatal effects for farmers and their communities by causing cancer and other health problems from the pesticides and fertilizers being used. Organic cotton is produced naturally using no harsh chemicals just the natural soil. Different methods such as crop rotation and natural defoliation decrease the need for pesticides and fertilizers. Make organic cotton the fabric of your life so you feel good and look good!

You can recycle more than just your bottles and cans. Fashion is recyclable too! Fabrics such as polyester can be made from recycled plastic like water bottles. Imagine cleaning up the ocean and making cool new fashion designs, yes companies are doing this. It is a great idea but there are some cons. When synthetic fibers are washed, they dump microfibers into the ocean which is one of the biggest pollutants in the ocean. While recycling plastic into clothes is a great idea, microfibers still get released. However, many items at Ash and Rose that are made from recycled plastic are accessories such as bags and pouches that do not require washing. Filters are also being created to prevent microfibers from leaving your washing machine. Either way recycling plastic into fashion is a cool alternative and beats a landfill any day!
Upcycling is reusable fashion, where waste materials and unwanted products are made into new products. No fabric wasted! Ever heard of turning nothing into something, that’s the idea here. Many large factories produce millions of tons of textile waste each year in the US.  Upcycling is a great alternative because it turns unwanted fabrics into totally new designs without wasting a single scrap. At Ash & Rose we produce our clothes from upcycled vintage fabrics. This way there is no textile waste and we even use our scraps to make jewelry pouches and other small accessories like scrunchies!

Vegan vibes seem to be taking over the food industry but also the fashion industry as well. However, there’s no tofu to be seen here! Our vegan products are made from materials such as organic cotton, nylon, linen and hemp. Vegan fabrics and materials mean there are no animal products being used in production. Organic plant based fabrics such as tencel and modal are vegan with no animals in sight! We also have some vegan beauty products too! Check it out! 

Did you know that only 14% of major fashion brands are run by a female executive? How can this be when the fashion industry is dominated by female consumers and brands? Women empowerment is an essential mission at Ash and Rose. Being a mother-daughter ownership, we believe in boss women who should feel empowered about the products they create. We are women makers ourselves and we try yo buy from independent brands that adhere to our women empowered mission. Brands such as Hannah Naomi, We Dream in Color, and Mata Traders are just a few examples of our women empowered brands who create, design, or even own women empowered business. We believe all women are bosses! Go and support our women creators!