Jstar Jewelry Designs owner Jessica Starnes lives in the mountains overlooking Manitou Springs, Colorado.  She grew up dabbling in various arts and crafts, but didn’t find her particular passion until she tried jewelry making after graduating from college.

      The philosophy behind Jstar is that handmade jewelry doesn’t have to be an extravagant purchase. Each design is created with affordability in mind, so that every woman – regardless of age or income level – can start a collection of handmade pieces she’ll wear over and over again.

      Each season, the collection begins with color trend research and rough inspiration sketches before Jessica heads out to bead shows to find new stones and materials that haven’t been used in the collection before. Some designs in the collection are inspired by outside sources – the colors, shapes, and textures of nature, jewelry making magazines and blogs, fashion magazines and catalogs, and other jewelry artists – but many designs are created organically when each seasons new materials are laid out side-by-side, rearranged, and mixed together until that collection’s story begins to take shape.

      Every piece of Jstar Jewelry Designs jewelry is designed and manufactured in Colorado.

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