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The following is republished with permission from Fairly Southern. Thank you to Laura for picking out such cute outfits and modeling them so beautifully!

I LOVE making a fuss over Valentine’s Day. I have always been this way, whether single or coupled, spending it alone or with friends. I love celebrating love in all of its forms! I am excited to bring you ethical and sustainable Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration for whatever form your Valentine’s Day is taking this year: self love, Galentine’s, or a traditional Valentine’s Day with your lover!

All outfits featured in this post are from ethical and sustainable fashion boutique Ash & Rose. They describe their clothing as “easy-chic style for the modern romantic” and carry products that are made in the USA, fair trade, organic, recycled, sustainable or ethically produced. In other words: right up my alley! I love that each piece is consciously made with the environment and other people in mind. When you wear these outfits, you’ll know that you’re loving on the earth and the people who made your clothes in addition to the loves in your everyday life!

A “Self Love” Valentine’s Day Outfit

If you aren’t partnered or simply want to spend Valentine’s Day giving yourself some extra love, I encourage you to make this Valentine’s Day a Self Love day! Choose clothes that make you feel both comfortable and beautiful. Maybe even purchase yourself a new outfit as an act of self love! Do whatever self care makes you feel most loved by yourself: get outside, read a book, do some yoga, drink wine, watch a movie, get a facial–whatever it is that makes you feel pampered by your own self. Be your own soulmate!

For my Self Love Valentine’s Day, I selected the Moon Phases Legging, Essence Tank Top in rose, Alpaca Round Sweater in black, Wool Espadrille Slippers in rose gold, and Celestia Crawlers earrings in champagne from Ash & Rose. This outfit is casual and comfortable for chilling around the house while also making me feel feminine, put together, and all around happy!

The various moon phases depicted on the leggings remind me to love myself in all of my own phases. And, I love that they are made with organic cotton and fair labor practices! The rose color of the tank and slippers are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

I really like the Alpaca Round Sweater because of how comfortable and versatile it is! This is something I would wear not only for my night in pampering myself, but also to work in the office.

My favorite part of my Self Love Valentine’s Day look is the Celestia Crawlers earrings. I love delicate, feminine, mimimalist jewelry, and these earrings fit the bill while also being different and interesting. They sparkle beautifully, and I love how the curve of the earrings hugs the curve of your ear. These would make a wonderful gift to yourself!

A Galentine’s Day Outfit

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to show love to all of the special people in your life, including your friends! If you’re planning to celebrate Galentine’s Day with your BFFs, I’ve got the perfect outfit for you. I put together an ensemble that would work for a socially distanced in-person hang or a Zoom call.

Obviously, you don’t NEED to dress up to hang with your besties. They have seen you in your rattiest old sweatpants and still love you. But I think it’s fun to make an occasion out of the day and dress up! Especially with the pandemic going on, I have had few reasons to get dressed up lately, so it’s extra fun to do so this year.

My Galentine’s Day look features the High Rise Button Down Skinny Jean, Vintage Rose Gauze Top, The Lucy Vegan Wristlet in teal, Elephant Charm Necklace in gold, and Hexagon Hoops in gold from Ash & Rose.

Y’all, these skinny jeans are pure butter. They are so soft and stretchy, yet polished–perfect for going out or staying in on the couch. The Vintage Rose Gauze Top is similarly comfortable and is casual while also being fun. The roses definitely make me think of Valentine’s Day! I have to admit, I was skeptical about this top before trying it on, because it’s a “one size fits all.” Those of us on the smaller or larger ends of the spectrum know that quite often, one size does NOT fit all. However, I loved the fit of this top on me. I usually wear an XS top, and it was roomy and comfortable yet chic, especially with a half tuck in the front.

My favorite part of this outfit is the Elephant Charm Necklace. I chose this specifically because of how elephants are the BEST at loving their Galentines. Herds of female elephants form strong social bonds and protect each other in the face of threats in the wild. If a predator is trying to attack a hurt or young elephant in the herd, the other elephants will gather around it in a circle of protection. As humans, don’t our best friends do that too? If you’ve ever had your gal pals rally around you during your time of need, you know this to be true!  I think this necklace would make a perfect gift for your Galentines–send it to them ahead of your Zoom call or socially distanced/masked meet up so you can all wear a visible reminder of your love for each other!

Finishing off the look, I have the Hexagon Hoops and vegan leather wristlet. The hoops are perfect if, like me, you are a minimalist jewelry person who also wants her jewelry to be fun and different. The hoop shape is different from typical minimalist studs, yet the thin wire keeps them from being too loud of a statement piece.

A Valentine’s Day Outfit

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day in a traditional way with a romantic partner, this outfit inspiration is for you! When I think of Valentine’s Day outfits, I typically imagine bright reds and pinks; frills and lace; skirts and dresses. However, that’s so not me! I feel my best in pants and my most beautiful in blue and seafoam. My Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration is a bit unorthodox, but it’s what makes me feel beautiful and date night ready! I encourage you to go with your own intuitive preferences to choose an outfit that makes you feel gorgeous on Valentine’s Day. If you feel confident and sexy, you’ll look it too!

My outfit features the Organic Velour Leggings, Modal Flutter Wrap Top, Ornate Embroidered and Velvet Purse in teal, Trio Cinch Bracelet in lilac, Zaira Earrings, and Chain Necklace with Two Stones from Ash & Rose.

I honestly never imagined I’d wear leggings for a “fancy” Valentine’s Day date….until I saw these velour leggings from Ash & Rose. Love!! In case you can’t tell from this entire post, I am all about getting the look I want while also being very comfortable. With the current pandemic, comfort is even more of a must for me since I’m often doing dates and other social events from home on the couch or at my kitchen table. I love that these leggings elevate my look while still being comfortable. They would work at a nice restaurant or your at-home bistro!

On top, I chose the Modal Flutter Wrap Top. I was drawn immediately to the color and knew the top would be flirty and fun for a date night. The v-neck is accentuated by the drop necklace I chose, and the fair trade drop earrings mirror the necklace’s shape. Top of all that off with the sparkly cinch bracelet, and this look feels sexy, glittery, and luxe.

And side note: Can all bracelets please be cinch bracelets? I’ve never worn one like this before, but it makes so much sense! You just cinch it up until it perfectly fits your own wrist size. Bye bye, too big or too small bracelets!

Finally, the Ornate Embroidered and Velvet Purse, made from 100% upcycled materials, really brings this look together. The velvet fabric coordinates with the velour fabric of the leggings. I love that the purse is brown while the leggings are black–the additional color adds some interest. And of course the embroidery and turquoise details on the purse are simply gorgeous!! I’m all ready for an evening celebrating my relationship with my Valentine!

One final note – If you are heading out of the house on Valentine’s Day, be sure to follow all local laws/ordinances and recommendations from the CDC related to COVID-19. If you are going to be around people outside of your household, wear a mask!! Ash & Rose is selling beautiful masks, so you can even coordinate one to your perfectly styled, ethical and sustainable outfit!

xoxo Laura

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