Travel and Relaxations Tips with Robyn Parets

Robyn Parets, founder and CEO of Pretzel Kids yoga, has traveled down a variety of career paths, but says that her newest adventure is by far her favorite. 

Pretzel Kids yoga, the nation’s first web marketplace for children’s yoga and mindfulness, does three things: Helps people train and become Pretzel Kids yoga teachers; helps schools, gyms and other businesses hire skilled children’s yoga instructors; and helps parents find and enroll their kids in yoga classes. 

The idea for a kids yoga company started when Robyn was running her suburban Boston yoga studio. She got a call from a school looking for a kids yoga instructor. She sent a member of her staff, and needless to say, it was a mess. That adult yoga teacher had no idea how to teach yoga for  preschoolers. 

Robyn teamed up with two school teachers to create a curriculum on how to teach yoga to kids. The Pretzel Kids yoga program was born.

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I love helping people relax, stress less and feel confident in their own bodies. I used to run a 200-hour yoga teacher training course and now I train teachers for Pretzel Kids. These days my favorite part of teaching is training others to lead their own successful classes”.

Today, Robyn loves growing Pretzel Kids yoga into a digital powerhouse and trusted brand in the kids yoga and mindfulness space. And, now that  her two children are fully grown, she has more time to travel. 

She’s seen some pretty amazing places and as a former travel writer, Robyn is also well-versed on traveling long distances. Her new favorite place is Krakow, Poland.


Robyn recommends packing light. She likes to bring “mix-and-match clothing pieces that can be dressed up or down, mainly in grey and black.” 

She suggests focusing more on accessorizing, and packing comfortable clothes. Her go to daily look is yoga pants and a comfy top, since she is usually able to work from home. As an experienced traveler myself, I agree that packing for comfort is key! I love bringing a couple pairs of plain denim shorts or pants, and pairing them with fun tops. A sundress is another great option, since it’s light, comfortable and easy to wear both to the beach or to a fancy restaurant. The Deva Maxi Dress is a personal favorite. 

My favorite part of my interview with Robyn was her advice on de-stressing and being more peaceful in daily life.

 “I wish I could say I have no stress in my personal life but alas, that’s far from the truth. Yoga helps prepare you to deal with what life throws at you. But so do a lot of other things, like meditating, exercising, eating healthy foods, and even walking your dog. I say - incorporate what works for you”.

Robyn is an inspiring and beautiful woman who was so much fun! Her favorite outfit was the lotus tunic and grey pants, since it was best fitting to her everyday, casual lifestyle. 

“Full disclosure: I don’t like shopping for clothes. I typically can’t be bothered trying stuff on and it’s frustrating to find things that fit. Ash & Rose, however, was a complete departure. The store was just my speed: small and personal with lots of unique outfit options. The staff was super helpful too and brought me clothes that they thought would look good on me. I’m so happy they did as I walked away with three new dresses, a shirt and a pair of pants”. 

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