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The Daily Savant features two outfits with the Coralia Tunic from Dolma Imports perfect for any season or event. She paired it with Salome Vegan Leather Jacket during a trip to Estonia and also brought along the Kantha Ball bracelet to pair with her own watch. 

The tunic is lightweight and comfortable and is perfect for a casual day out with family and friends! Paired with jeans and boots, it is a classic fall outfit. 

The Daily Savant even took the tunic to Estonia where she again paired it with jeans, the Salome Vegan Leather Jacket, and boots for a classically chic outfit!


The Kantha Ball Bracelet, shown here on the Daily Savant, from World Finds add fun and spunk to any outfit! They are handmade by woman artisans in India using fair trade standards. 

The original blog post can be found here.

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