Our Business was Destroyed by Flooding - Here's How You Can Help

On April 15th, around 11 PM, a city water main burst under the road next to our shop, forming a car-swallowing sinkhole and almost immediately flooding the parking lot next to our shop in water and sewage.

The windows of our shop burst from the pressure, and our entire business including all of our inventory and equipment was fully submerged in brown, sludgy water. Since we're a bit below-the-grade, we were 6 ft underwater. Absolutely everything was destroyed.

It wasn't safe for us to re-enter our space for more than a week after the flooding occurred. While we had originally hoped that we could salvage some items, it was immediately clear that salvage would not be safe or possible due to the contaminants in the water. This was confirmed several times over by clean-up experts on site.

This flood didn't just affect us, but also dozens of businesses in the area. In the midst of an already difficult season of closures due to COVID-19, this crisis is more than any of us can bear on our own. We need your help. 

Right now, the best thing you can do to support us is to purchase our Face Masks, and share the link on social media encouraging your friends to do the same! For each mask sold, we are donating a masks to a local organization in need, including Pine Street Inn, Rosie's Place, and Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program.

The masks are made by local seamstresses who would otherwise be out of work right now, and are sewing from home. Over the last few weeks we've worked out all the kinks in our production, and we're now shipping same or next day. Please help us get the word out. We're so grateful for your help!

We're currently developing some co-branded masks that will benefit other local businesses in crisis. Stay tuned.

You'll also find our mask in the "Bites Box" benefiting local restaurants here.

Thank you for your support. Here is the link again to buy your masks!

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  • Allie

    I am praying for you in these devastating times and am believing God that you will come through this adversity stronger than before! God Bless You All!

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