Meet the Model: Miolani Grenier

You've seen her in our online catalog, but what's she really like?
We've made a commitment to feature strong, inspiring women in all of our photography, and Miolani Grenier is just that. In addition to being an occasional fashion model, she's currently deployed for duty with the US Air Force in Germany!
Her military service has made it possible for Miolani to travel all over the world, so after our photoshoot we asked her about her service and a few of her favorite things... 
How did you end up in the military?
“I actually have a lot of family in the air force. It was kind of a 'family business' thing and I was adamant that I wasn’t going to go into it because I wanted to do something different. So I went to Boston University for psychology and I was there for two years before I decided I kinda of just missed the community because it was like family for me. I grew up with it so that’s how I ended up back there.
What is something you wish people knew about being in the military?
I think how helpful it is. There is a lot of scholarship opportunities and it’s a good career right off the bat. It opens up a lot of doors that you wouldn’t expect so I think that it’s something to consider.
What is it like to be a women in the military?
I think like any job it’s got its challenges with being female. But, it’s been good… I went in really apprehensive I was like is this going to be something major because of my gender and what not. The people that I’ve met, at least the good people like with any job really, became like my brothers so it was a really good environment. I think that in some ways its better about [gender] because its based off of your rank. So regardless, there’s not as much of a pay gap. Granted, you do have to work a little harder in some aspects just because it’s the military and it can be very physical it can be very demanding. 
What is your go to accessory for the summer?
 Definitely my Birkenstocks, they're just an easy slip on item and go with everything. However, I do love using a bag as a statement piece. I've got a cool one fromMin & Mon that's a pastel blue with graphics skeched all on the panels. 
What is the best place you have ever traveled to?
 Italy! I live in Germany right now, but I studied Italian in school and love the food and culture.
What is the most fun you have ever had with modeling?
 I loved editorial shoots, they're the chance for really creative projects and I love being able to be a canvas for the creativity.
What is your favorite fashion trend?
Jumpsuits, they're chic and classy, but they're also the easiest outfit to put together!  

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