How to be Your Most Empowered Self with Milena Topalova

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Meet Milena Topalova, 

One of our lovely featured models for the week and empowerment consultant. 

Throughout her stunning photoshoot, Milena gave us some tips on how to be your own source of empowerment. Keep reading below and learn more! 


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  1.  Focus on YOU 

One way to really focus on you is by participating in activities that make you happy and that you enjoy. Essentially, finding your hobbies. 

Milena hobbies include yoga, hiking, anything with movement and nature, hanging out with family and friends and she is also a huge salsa dancing fan. She tells us that she got into it just to try something fun: 

"Honestly, I’ve always liked dancing and one day I told myself that I wanted to try more fun things to I decided to try it. So, I went to the Dance Complex and that’s where I started."

Milena found one of the hobbies that makes her feel great! What’s yours? 

“Dancing is absolutely freeing, you forget about everything else and your free and your dancing and your happy and there is no worry in the world” 

One of her biggest hobbies, empowering others, actually turned into her job. 

“I’m an empowerment consultant and I also have a couple youtube channels in a few different languages. I am passionate about empowering people and showing them where they are holding themselves back and self sabotaging. Why and how they are not living the life they were born to live and want to experience. It was my hobby for most of my life and eventually, I turned it into my job.”

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  1. Practice Self-esteem/Self-love 

Milena explains that there are a lot of common challenges that we all face when it comes to empowerment and one of them is self-esteem/self-love

“There are a lot of really common themes that run through most of us where we tend to self-sabotage ourselves. One is self-esteem/ self-love and we tend to project that outward and look for external validation in all kinds of ways in order for us to feel better. But what we truly need to understand is that it comes from within and it’s a choice. So, one of the main themes is understanding who you are and breaking the illusion that you’re not what you think you are.”

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  1. Quiet Time 

“Spend 15 minutes a day in silence, not doing anything. It doesn’t even have to be meditation but really don’t do anything. Unplug. Don’t watch TV, don’t be on your phone etc. And you will start hearing. You will start hearing your own voice and connecting to your own true nature. It will also help you become a lot more aware of all those artificial programs that are placed on us in terms of what we feel like we need to be and what we have to do. None of those things are true, but unless we start hearing that from within, it’s hard to be convinced” 

It’s not always easy to slow down and taking just a few silent minutes for you may seem impossible, but Milena tells us that the benefits are 100% worth facing the challenge.

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  1. Embrace your own style

Fashion is a key element in self-expression, so express your most confident and empowered self through your day to day outfits. 

“This look makes me feel feminine. It’s free. It’s comfortable. You can easily move in it. It’s flowing. It’s just me.” 

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Try Milena’s tips to be your most confident and empowered self! 

And be sure to check out her Youtube channel here:

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