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The following is republished with permission from Ms Paula Presents. Thank you to blogger Paula for putting together some awesome Ash & Rose outfits!

Ash & Rose is an online ethical fashion boutique. It carries collections from local and global ethical brands, brands that are dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices. The boutique features collections from global artisans, independent designers as well as its own in-house collection, the Ash & Rose Collection. The Ash & Rose Collection is all locally designed and hand made in Boston by Ash & Rose co-founder Nea Savoca. Nea’s collections are circular fashion focused and are made entirely from antique, vintage, salvaged and remnant materials.

I was blown away by the sheer variety of ethically made clothes and accessories available at the Ash & Rose boutique! Sustainable and ethical fashion tends to be associated with mostly neutral colors and generally a similar look. Not so with Ash & Rose. There is such a wide variety of styles, prints and colors, catering to a variety of tastes. From this variety, I created three very different looks.
Outfit 1: Haute look in the Moonlight Cocktails Dress

Ms Paula Presents Outfit 1

The elegant Moonlight Cocktails Dress is part of the in-house Ash & Rose Collection, handmade in their Boston studio. This stunning piece is made from deadstock fabric. I love it when brands use deadstock fabric as it prevents a lot of waste of perfectly good fabric that would other wise end up in landfill. Ash & Rose’s Collection is almost exclusively focused on low waste and upcycled fashion. Upcycled fashion is a positive new trend in the fashion industry, an industry which is notorious for waste. I was impressed to see that Ash & Rose has an in-house collection dedicated to low waste by using upcycled and deadstock fabric.

This dress caught my eye on the website but it’s even prettier in person. This dress fits like a perfect LBD but with an added shimmery floral print for a touch of character. I am enamored by small details and the light bell sleeve detail with a small cuff really appealed to me.   don’t believe I have seen a dress with such sleeves and fabric; to me it’s truly unique. The fit is flattering and slimming but the stretchy fabric keeps it comfortable and breathable.

I only wear clip-ons but would recommend pairing it with the handmade Nova Studs, a simple yet elegant pair that won’t take attention away from the dress.

Outfit 2: Quirky, edgy and fun look with the Rupi Fit and Flair Dress

Ms Paula Presents Outfit 2

From the zodiac print and the hidden pockets, this handmade fit and flair dress scored cool points with me! Anyone who knows me knows how I am obsessed with dresses with pockets. Pockets especially on casual dresses give me a cozy-comforting feeling. It’s been my impression that well-made casual dresses tend to have pockets. As to the eye catching zodiac print, it’s just soo much fun. The print was screen-printed and from my experience, screen-printed designs tend to be more durable and to allow for more unique designs. The Rupi dress is season less dress and can be layered for colder months. This dress was ethically made by a fair trade cooperative in Nepal and is one of the many ethically made designs available on the site.

To sustainably style the Rupi Dress, I accessorized it with the Casey Vegan Tote Set in charcoal. I love how the charcoal color of this tote bag complimented the black and the white print of the dress. Ash & Rose carries a selection of cruelty free vegan bags as well as upcycled bags made from recycled materials.

Consider adding the artist-made ceramic star studs to compliment the celestial (zodiac) design of this dress.

Outfit 3: Bohemian, light and airy look in the Heron Topper Jacket and High Rise Slit Flare Jeans

Ms Paula Presents Outfit 3

The Heron Topper Jacket is another beautiful piece from the Ash & Rose Collection. This jacket is made from linen-designer remnant fabric. Designer remnant fabric is high-end fabric from previous or discontinued designs that would otherwise be discarded or forgotten in warehouses. These fabrics get a new life and get made into new beautiful designs. This is important because it minimize waste and promotes more circularity in our current linear fashion system.

The jacket's elegant bold print will definitely get you lots of compliments. The jacket is 100% linen, which makes it light and airy, perfect for spring and late summer and early fall. Linen is one of my favorite fabrics, it’s not used enough despite its versatility and durability. Linen is also more eco-friendly that cotton because it naturally requires less water and pesticides. I love this jacket and the fact it is made from linen even more! For more information on linen check out my blog post on the sustainability of linen.

I matched the Heron Topper Jacket with High Rise Slit Flare Jeans for a bohemian look.

Where would I wear this outfit?  Brunch, festivals, casual outdoor parties and lots more casual occasions

If you are looking for a wide variety of ethical fashion for all seasons as well as some unique upcycled designs, I highly recommend the Ash & Rose boutique.



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