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From Halloween through New Year's, it can be SO tough to keep your health on track. Your schedule is packed with gatherings of family, friends and co-workers...which means lots of party foods and little time to exercise. Read on for some healthy holiday tips we picked up from our day with Christina Chu.

Christina is a Boston-based personal trainer, spin instructor, healthy foodie, corporate wellness coach, and most recently Ash & Rose model! Don't be fooled by her girly sense of style - this lady boss can dead lift 145 lbs (what?!?).

Follow Christina on insta @Christinaychu for mouth-watering recipes, workout ideas, and a dash of fashion inspiration. Visit her website to learn more about her or book her services.

Christina recently visited our boutique to style and model 3 playful outfits. For the first look she paired the Gordes Crop Top  with the Kampot Stretch Faux Sueded Skirt. The Large Geo Tube Necklace really brought the outfit together. Perfect for a fun night out or simply add a blazer and you’re ready for work!

Her second look highlighted the Amelia Midi Shirtdress. Christina loved the flirty side slit, which will work well with leggings and boots in cooler weather too. She paired the dress with a duo of dainty lapis necklaces by designer Alicia Van Fleteran.

For her third style Christina chose the Oberlin Dress...because who doesn’t love a dress with pockets? The midi-length adds a classy 50’s vibe to the whole look. This piece is timeless and can be worn all year-round. Just pair it with a sweater for cold weather glam!

Now for Christina’s holiday health tips! Here are three quick tricks to stay on track this season:

  • Eat a filling snack before dinner parties. Going to events surrounded by a sea of delicious food is one of the many pluses of the holiday season. However, when these parties happen every weekend, try to eat a filling snack beforehand to prevent excessive overeating every weekend.
  • Stay hydrated. Though we don't sweat as much in the colder months as we do in the summer, it is still important to drink water to keep essential body functions running smoothly.
  • Don't wait until NYE to set health goals. Who said New Year's is the only time to set goals? If you feel motivated in November to change your lifestyle for the better, go for it. You have the world supporting you.

(PS. Speaking of wellness, did you know we are hosting yoga in our boutique every Thursday night? First class is free. Sign up at 

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