As Seen On...AnaLinda of Tango Embrace

Say hello to AnaLinda Marcus, one of our very first customers (we met her at our grand opening party) and our neighbor here in the SoWa Art and Design District in Boston.

She's a multi-passionate entrepreneur, award-winning Argentine Tango dancer and instructor, therapist, and jewelry designer...and a constant source of inspiration for us!

We were so excited when she agreed to model some of her favorite fall looks in her Movimento Studio, which she shares with abstract painter Paul Walcott (she's posing with his work). The studio provides AnaLinda with the space and creative vibe she needs to fuel all of her passions.

Ana Linda's first look is the bold Srey Oun Sweater paired with the comfy Kayla Jean. She brought the outfit together with a beautiful pair of Green Tree earrings.                 

The beauty, privacy and intimacy of the space makes this a special spot for AnaLinda to provide Family and Marriage Therapy. AnaLinda is a qualified therapist who adds holistic movement to her practice. Tango, Yoga and mindfulness are evidence based aids to wellness.

 Next she chose the stunning Shonagon Dress for her second look. The Ketema Stone Cuff elegantly compliments the dress. 

Her South End studio is a comfortable and inspiring space with a perfect dance floor for Argentine Tango lessons.  

 Her third outfit choice was the Breath Kimono Dress, the perfect dress to tango in and pairs beautifully with her own handmade jewelry! 

 Her latest venture is Jewelry Making.  She has moved her passionate love for gems and stones into a handmade jewelry line, also available at Movimento.

Her final pick is a the gorgeous Esther Dress in dark green. She chose the Palma Bracelet and the Verdant Necklace which added a perfect pop of turquoise to the outfit.  

Whether she is hosting an open studio for Movimento, providing therapy, teaching and competing in Tango or working on her jewelry line, we are thrilled she finds the clothes she needs to tackle whatever may come her way here at Ash & Rose

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