Meet the Team: Adzaan Muqtadir~The Fashion Underdog


If anyone were to hold a Magic 8 ball to me 5, 10, or 15 years ago and predict that someday design and fashion would open doors and create a career for me, I wouldn’t have believed it. For me, I always had ingrained stereotypes about how a person could attain any degree of success in the fashion industry. Being anywhere in the vicinity of fashion, I always thought one had to fit into an unattainable mold. That mold to me meant being amongst the most elite, beautiful, and well connected in society. 
A quick look at me and my background would show that I’m not anywhere close to meeting those qualifications, and with that I felt a sphere such as fashion would never openly embrace me the way I had embraced it.
You could say that my career path and how I got to where I am today is a bit of an underdog story. I was born in Dayton, Ohio and lived just minutes away from the downtown area in the earliest years of my life. The places I first called home stand today as boarded up structures in parts of town that are considered to be run down. Where I come from is hardly a place on anyone’s geographic radar, let alone a fashion capital. With my father having worked in automobile manufacturing and my mom being in the legal industry, there wasn’t an immediate inclination or connection for me to explore a creative path.
The majority of my life, I was outfitted in the uniform of a Catholic School student where personal style wasn’t something that was able to be tapped into everyday. As far as my personal identity,  I was an exceptionally shy kid that came into my teenage and early adult years battling intense bouts of self isolation, anxiety, and depression that would lead me to constantly question and doubt if I would be taken seriously by this world in the quest of pursuing my dreams and if my own life was worth all that had been invested by myself and others.
However as of now at the age of 21, I have quite a bit of experience and accolades that have been afforded to me as a result of pursuing my creative path. 

At an early level, it started with my personal artwork being chosen to be reproduced, printed, and mass distributed on my parish’s Christmas card cover in the seventh grade. In highschool it would be my personal artwork winning regional, state, and national awards. In my college years it would be me being a published blogger and stylist for my school’s fashion magazine. It would be me working on design and branding materials for several brands and businesses.  It would be me going to New York City and presenting a marketing campaign pitch at Avon Headquarters. It would be me producing my own fashion short films. It would be me being a fashion intern in big city Boston at Ash & Rose right now as I’m writing this post. 

I share all of this to make a point that we all come from somewhere and what’s your destiny will find you no matter where your starting point is in life. That destiny will come find and speak to you through your own natural inclinations and abilities. You just have to be in tune with that and shut out the voices that try to steer you away from your desired path. I’ve found that the major limitations and restrictions I’ve had to shut out in my life are largely ones that I’ve created in my own head. These have been the ones that have told me that I won’t amount to anything and that my dreams are silly. In the end, if I’m meant to have a message to anyone it would be to live on your own terms and stop comparing a current place of your life to where you think it should be, but rather be open to the unexpected.  Trust in your own willpower and self-value that you are capable of transcending everything, and above all are capable of building a life that’s grand.

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