Hello, hello, hello!! Michelle back again, with a final update on my upholstry adventures! Remember these Craigslist freebies I posted a while back? Hideous on the outside, but with beautiful, pristine structure on the inside.


We decided to go bold with a make-over in black, ivory, and rosy pink...


You won't recognize the originals anymore! After a massive make-over, theses beauties are ready to make their debut in the dressing room seating area at the soon-to-open Ash & Rose boutique:


We used Sunbrella fabrics as well as some vintage finds for the pillows (which includes the adorable pom-poms). 


Seeing as grey is my favorite color, I had to dust off my color theory eyes and focus on the subtle differences in creams and pinks as we matched fabrics, and I think I've still got it! I had so much fun matching the blue pom poms at the very end of the process that I am inspired to do more work in color in my studio next semester... 


It took this project to reveal to me how much I didn't know yet, which it really incredible and exciting because it means that as I learned, every technique felt natural and logical. As I stepped away from final finishing touches I thought back to the upholstery I did before these couches, and I appreciated my earnest approach, but I am endlessly grateful that I actually (really) can say I know what I am doing now. 
After undoing and redoing countless staples and stitches, I have come to understand how important it is to be flexible and let your first attempt go (no matter how painstaking), and redo it. At the end of the day, you'll make it way better the second (or third, or fourth) time around. 
May the countdown to the Ash & Rose store continue!
Until next couch,

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