Today we published our Summer LookBook, and we thought you might like to see a little of what goes on behind-the-scenes!

As with any fashion shoot, we have to capture our images before the clothes are in-season. Bigger companies travel to tropical locations to shoot summer in the winter, but little start-ups like us have to make do with what we've got! We went outside in early spring and found a few signs of new life, but mostly lots of dirt, twigs, and dried leaves from last year...

Luckily, our photographer Rachael snagged these amazing paper flowers from a local boutique that was casting off their window display. It took ages to untangle them, but it was so worth it!


Mary found a spot in the woods to hang the flowers, under the base of a former treehouse. Meanwhile, our model Larosey showed off some fabulous footwear, paired with our Wild Blooms Maxi Dress.


 Now we're ready to shoot! Rachael worked her magic with our two amazing models.


Once we moved out of the woods the sun was a bit too bright, so Mary got a great upper-body workout holding this shade over our models as they posed in the garden.


Did you spot Sparky the dog? He spent most of the day outside with us, but luckily he stayed in the background and didn't try to steal the spotlight.

We were also joined by two unexpected guests - a turkey and a HUGE hawk!


Checkout the end result here.

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