Last week I shared one of my favorite winter outfits for our first edition of Wardrobe Wednesday. Today I asked my mom, business partner, and designer of the Ash & Rose Collection to pose for me. I've always been inspired by my mom Nea's great sense of style - she looks chic hanging out on this cold and dreary winter day.

The Anna Tee makes a nice base layer, underneath the luxuriously warm and softAlpaca Cardigan. The cardigan fits like a cape and is perfect for layering, even over another sweater.

The Cha-Cha Necklace adds a bright pop of color to an otherwise simple outfit. It's playful yet sophisticated...kind of like my mom! It's made from sustainable tagua nuts, hand carved and dyed in Ecuador.

The Nest Post Earrings deserve a close-up because they're just so darn cool. Local designer Harmony Winters makes these by hand with reclaimed gold wire, spun into a tight little ball. They really sparkle and catch the light.

Alpaca Cable Mittens keep Nea's hands warm, while the memory foam insoles of theLeila Vegan Loafers keep her feet super comfy.

You can shop the whole outfit here.

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