Mount Entoto Leather


      ENTOTO Beth artisan is an Ethiopian social business restoring the lives of women and families on mount Entoto who have been affected by HIV/Aids through fair wage employment, medical consultations, and greater skill training.

      Founded by Bethlehem Berhane, the owner and general manager of Entoto Beth Artisan. She came to visit the jewelry program started by Beza Entoto Outreach in 2008 and from there learned about the Mount Entoto community. She writes "I have always been a business woman and after seeing this program I promised God that I would one day coordinate and create jobs for at risk women in Ethiopia."

      As Beza Entoto Outreach continued to grow and sought to change its NGO status, she acquired the program in 2012 and established it as a business model under the name Entoto Beth Artisan. Since that time the program has grown to 128 women, with the goal of offering employment to all female residents who still live on Mount Entoto. They have also began to expand our skills into leather working.

      "My dream is... for each of those women to in turn create opportunities like this to empower others in their lives who are less fortunate. I pray that each of them may become a solution for others. I hope that through each individual we employ this idea will multiply and grow big enough to change our whole country. This business is not just about profit. Entoto Beth Artisan is not for me, it is for the benefit of the nation, and for this generation."

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