Power Up by Letting Go with Angela Ackerman

Meet Angela, founder of Social Butterfly, and a business psychologist who is overall a ball of energy - a “social butterfly” for sure! Angela has two decades of business experience under her belt. She studied neuroscience before launching her career in the restaurant industry, then moved into the wellness industry, and now she uses her background to help female business owners thrive. With such a varied background she has learned a lot of tips and tricks along the way, which helps her clients venture off into success.

As a business woman working with a majority female-based clientele, her number one piece of advice is to learn how to let things go. Angela introduced us to the “tie phenomenon”, a theory in which men are able to put on a confident front when they put on a tie. However, according to this theory,  since women do not have a tie equivalent, we need something else to solve this problem. The simple solution is confidence - we need to show it from the inside out! 

Confidence can be shown in different ways. Here at Ash & Rose, wearing clothes that make you feel powerful and beautiful is our go-to tactic, similar to a man wearing a tie. 

Angela was a natural model and a stylist! She brought her favorite pairs of heels to match with the outfits, and she was just delightful to shoot.

Check out her business Social Butterfly, an active social networking conference for professionals to further develop business skills in an intimate setting.

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