The Shop is Under Water

Image via Boston Fire Department.

In the midst of store closure due to COVID-19, things have taken a turn for the worse.

Late last night there was a water main break right next to our shop. This image is the parking lot at street level. Our shop is located below street level, which means that our space, which houses all of our inventory and equipment, is entirely submerged in water. A total loss.

It is not safe for us to visit the store right now to assess the damage. Our insurance does not provide coverage for floods (or global pandemics).

If you want to support us in this time of great need, the best thing you can do is buy a face mask, and tell everyone you know to buy one too. We've added an option to donate your face masks if you do not need them yourself.

We are making and shipping these from home, and have hired friends to help so that we can fill as many orders as possible. Everyone needs a face mask right now - please buy yours from us.

If you are able, please also consider purchasing a gift card for future use. We DO plan to re-open if we possibly can, even if only as an online shop for now.

We are still reeling from this news and haven't had time to fully process everything. We'll post more updates soon.

Things that may be helpful in the near future are discounted or pro bono dry-cleaning and PR assistance, so that we can host a massive "flood sale" of any inventory we're able to recover.

Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts during this time of crisis.

Nea and Mary


  • Paula

    I’m so sorry to hear this! I will get the word out. Can you post this in Nextdoor? Again, so sorry.

  • Noble

    So sorry just got two candles from here a week ago hope y’all can recover

  • Courtney

    Just thinking of you guys. Not sure what to write except this is by far my favorite store in not just the South End but in Boston. Your ability to sift through clothing brands to bring together a vision of sustainability without the compromise of style makes me forever grateful. I’ll be checking for updates regularly and hopefully with all of this the silver lining will appear shiny and bright. Thanks again for curating such a beautiful business and community.

  • Laurinda Dunn

    This is horribly sad. I’m so sorry to hear this. I would be very interested in a “flood sale” when the time comes. I hope you can recover quickly. My thoughts are with you during this time.

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