Strong Woman Carolyn Dragon

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What does it mean to be a strong woman? For Carolyn Dragon, co-founder of TENWOMENSTRONG, being a strong woman means having the skills and confidence to reach your career goals. I asked Carolyn about how her networking and career building company TENWOMENSTRONG came to be and some tips for how to be a strong woman as well. 
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TENWOMENSTRONG came about because of a program I heard about for men. A friend of mine was enthused about it and told me how much he was looking forward to it. I looked at him and said “That’s a boondoggle for men. Women need this — except women are so busy taking care of everyone else, they don’t have the time for themselves.” 
A few weeks later, I was having my morning meditation. When the timer dinged signaling the end of the session, I stood up and my first thought was "Go create TENWOMENSTRONG". 
A strong woman knows herself and courageously uses her talents to lead her life on purpose.
When I’m working out — currently training for the Zooma Women’s Half Marathon in Falmouth this September — I wear my TENWOMENSTRONG #KeepMoving #KeepInspiring t-shirt. When I’m meeting with our circle of dynamic and inspiring women and traveling, I wear the scarf that all the TENWOMENSTRONG co-leaders receive as a gift —  Femme Circle modal scarf by Nazim Artist . And my new AMAZING power outfit, is the beautiful 2-piece dress I purchased at Ash & Rose — blue slip dress, with kimono style overlay that is handprinted with gold umbrellas from India- spectacular!!
Spend the time to get to know yourself. Strengthen your commitment to yourself to use your time and talents in service to yourself and to those you are called to lead. YOU are the most important person in your life — lead YOUR life on purpose.
Surround yourself with people that support and encourage you. If they are not already in your life — find them!
You will always have excuses. You will always have fear. You will never know how long you have to live. Make things happen! Be an example for others to follow!  Be a Dynamic and Inspiring woman!
You can learn more about TENWOMENSTRONG and their mission at

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