Personal Styling with Laura Christensen

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This week’s featured model, Laura Christensen, is a personal stylist for her company “Thrift Me Beautiful”.  She has always been very interested in sustainability and fashion.

Laura loves personal styling because, as she says,

“It’s more than just clothes. Personal styling is about the entire look, which includes hair and makeup as well. ”


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A lot of people think that hiring a personal stylist means that they will dress them in clothes that don’t feel authentically like them. However, Laura explains that she wants her clients to feel good in what they’re wearing, no matter the occasion.

“My number one rule is to help clients embrace their OWN style. Personal style is personal.”

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A lot of people also worry that hiring a personal stylist means they will have to purchase a complete new wardrobe and throw out everything they own. After talking to Laura, it sounds like it’s not nearly as intimidating.

Laura explains that when she works with a new client, one of the very first steps is a wardrobe consult, where her main goal is not to get rid of everything in her clients closet, but rather to clear out items of clothing that are either outdated, don’t fit right or damaged. Then with her client, she consults which wardrobe essentials are missing.

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Laura strives to continue being the type of stylist that people relate to and more specifically, the everyday mother’s stylist. She says that you don’t have to be a celebrity or make a lot of money to have a personal stylist. It is her goal that everyone will one day have the luxury of experiencing a personal stylist if they choose.

“I like to think of myself as the people’s stylist, the everyday mother’s stylist”


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Laura explains, also being a mom herself, that it can be very easy to get stuck in that “style rut” where you don’t feel your best. It’s her goal to relate to everyone and help them to feel their best.

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Embracing your style and feeling happy and confident in your clothing makes a huge difference, especially when the heavy responsibilities of being a mom are overwhelming. Laura is a huge encourager of dressing for success.

Take it from Laura, confidence is the key to any success and if you feel confident in what you’re wearing, that will ultimately translate to confidence in all other aspects of your life.

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