Meet the Team: Sofia Malinn~The Fashion Superhero

In the past decade fashion has taught me two things. One: that the way you present yourself to the world matters because it influences the person you will become. Two: there is no such thing as the “right style”, fashion is whatever you make it.

I was 10 years old when I found my love for fashion and dressing up. Up to that point I had always felt very nervous and insecure about who I was and how I looked. Fashion to me was glossy magazines with thin tall models and the most expensive designer clothes on the planet. I did not know that I could be a part of this seemingly exclusive world or that anyone would take my love of fashion seriously. 

Pich Wrap Dress

Fast forward to high school and all of my classmates considered me THE resident fashion girl. I went to a tiny private all girls school where everyone was rich and preppy. For a while I wanted to be just like everyone else with my Vera Bradley lunchbox and my Sperry boat shoes, but as I got older I discovered that my confidence stemmed from my ability to create an image of myself. 

No matter how anxious or insecure I felt in my life, I always felt better knowing that I could put together a stellar outfit with ease. Fashion was my super power and through it, I became the hero of my own life story. It may sound silly, but I really believe fashion changed my life for the better. I do not apologize for who I am or what I love even if it does not fit into some one’s idea of what a person should be. I want to help other people gain more confidence from what they wear.

When I landed this amazing internship at Ash & Rose, I had just declared my major as Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. I feel so empowered and confident to tell people this is what I am doing with my life. It might not be as “practical” a career path as math or science, but it is something I love and I know that I am good at. 

We all have our own superpowers just waiting to be discovered and with the confidence that you are in charge of your own life path, nothing will ever stand in your way. It took me ten years to fully understand this and now at the age of twenty, I completely believe in the power of fashion and confidence to create a life that I love.


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