How to Develop a Self Care Routine with Maribel Hernandez

Meet Maribel!

Our inspiring model of the week! 

A mother of four, a licensed social worker and self starter of her own business, Maribel is, like many of us, a busy bee but always tries to find time for self care in her schedule. 

Maribel is a firm believer of practicing self love and self care. She had an awesome time coming in and modeling for us. She also talked about her self care routine and gave us some inspiration to share.

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Her first look is playful and vibrant and made her feel beautiful and we love how the colors compliment her. 

In practicing self care, one of the first things that Maribel does is keep an open mind. From paint nights to skydiving, Maribel always welcomes adventure into her routine.

“I do a lot of breathing throughout the day and I also like to meditate either in the morning or in the evenings. I like to meditate and envision what my next step in life is. I ask myself, ‘how do I bring my projects to formation?’” 


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“One day at a time. Just look at what your next step is. I ask myself, ‘What am I doing right now and what is my next goal?’ I just stay current in the moment and focus on where I need to be and what I need to be doing. It all goes back to the mediation when you are really focusing on the here and now.” 


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It can be very difficult to slow down and breathe when you are juggling a million things at once, however, taking the time to focus on self care is incredibly beneficial. Take it from Maribel, practicing self care can really help you manage stress and it is one hundred percent okay to let yourself take that time. 

Thanks for all the tips Maribel!

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