How to Dress for an Audition with Daniela Vecchio


 Geode Slice Dangle Earrings , August Necklace , Silk Chiffon Floral Tee  and Rosabel Hemp Trousers 

Meet one of our vibrant lifestyle models, Daniela Vecchio.

Daniela is from Calabria, southern Italy and moved to America in 2011. She works as a clinical researcher in oncology and an aspiring actress. 

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Daniela’s journey into her passion for acting began a few years ago when her roommate, a videographer, asked her to participate in a few projects that she was working on. After working with her roommate on her short movies, Daniela started taking acting classes. She started with some theatre courses and then transitioned into commercial acting courses. Daniela explains that theatre versus camera acting is very different but she enjoys working in both. 

“I have so much fun doing it and I have found a passion that I want to keep going”


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As a clinical professional and aspiring actress, Daniela explains that her style is chic and comfortable. This is what drew her to Ash & Rose. She loves that her chosen pictured looks are both stylish and comfortable.

Vanessa Flower Dress,  Mara Necklace, and Beaded Gemstone Chandelier Earrings

Daniela gives some inside tips on what to wear to an audition. Daniela advises wearing something comfortable,

“ I would suggest wearing something comfortable because you are going to be really stressed out”

You also want to dress professional. Daniela says:

“you never know what they are going to ask you to read so you want to be neutral enough to be the character that they give you but at the same time professional”

Candice Dress and Claudine Back Zip Vest

This look, the Candice dress and Claudine jacket, Daniela absolutely loves and says she would wear to an audition. Daniela also says that she would wear style a professional and comfortable jeans outfit for an audition. 

Jeans can most certainly be stylish, professional and cozy. Thanks for the all the tips Daniela!

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