Hello Again! Our Roadmap for What's Next

Oh what a year it has been! The Covid-19 pandemic has affected just about everyone on the globe in one way or another. For us, this time also brought a devastating flood that sank our business under 6 feet of sewage water, destroyed 100% of our inventory and equipment, and massively damaged the building to the point where our lease was terminated. Ouch.

Despite all this, we're feeling incredibly grateful and fortunate for all that we have this year. We have our homes, our health and our family. That's not something we take for granted, especially not right now.

After our business lost everything, our community stepped up in a way we could never have imagined. Instead of  GoFundMe campaign, we asked you to buy our home-sewn face masks and ask your friends to do so too. You blew us away with your support - and were beyond patient with our production delays and quality control issues - and you put us in a position to get back in business. We can't even begin to express our gratitude!

Things are more stable now, we've reconnected with our suppliers, the toddlers have started pre-school (a crucial step to getting back to work!), and we've hired some new team members to help us get back online as quickly as possible.

Here's what you can expect from us in the months ahead and through 2021:

  1. ONLINE ONLY THROUGH 2020. We had some hopes that we might see you in person for the holidays, but with the ongoing pandemic we're pushing thoughts of re-opening a brick-and-mortar shop to 2021. This means 100% of our energy and effort is going to serve you through our website. We're going to do our best to knock this out of the park!
  2. ALL ABOUT GIFTING. This season we're missing so many connections with loved ones, that sending a thoughtful gift is more important than ever. We're expanding our giftable offerings with so many unique ideas from small, independent designers and artisans, and we'll be updating weekly. We're also SO excited to launch our premium sustainable gift wrapping soon. It's swoonworthy and will be FREE through the holidays!
  3. CONNECTING WITH YOU. We're excited to get back into the rhythm of sending you regular, meaningful emails, and keeping up with you on social media. In 2021 we'll re-start our customer photoshoot series and share your style and stories with our community.
  4. KEEPING INFORMED. We're about to relaunch this blog with a series of posts that take a deep dive into the sustainability and social justice work happening in our industry. We want to help you become a more informed, conscious consumer - whether you're shopping with us or anywhere else - and we promise to keep it light, zero-pressure, stylish and fun!
  5. GETTING BACK OUT THERE. We really do believe there is a need for in-person experiences with ethical and sustainable brands, and we love having a boutique shop. We're hopeful that 2021 will bring some exciting announcements...stay tuned!

Keep in touch! Make sure you're following us on facebook and instagram (lots of great content about to head your way), and subscribed to our email newsletter (scroll al the way down for the form).

Until next time,

Nea + Mary

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