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The following is republished with permission from Green Chic Life. Thank you to blogger Amy for styling and shooting such gorgeous outfits!

When a super cool, sustainable boutique sends you an email and asks you if you’d like to put together 3 head-to-toe outfits from their shop, you most definitely and absolutely jump at the chance!

Yes, friends. I was absolutely thrilled to have been asked to team up with Ash & Rose, a mother/daughter-owned, Boston-based brand that prides itself on offering an array of fair trade, made in the USA, sustainable fashion, jewelry and gifts.

Since a big focus here at Green Chic Life is not just on living sustainably, but is also about doing good for others, I have to tell you that 2020 was a rather tough year for Ash & Rose. In addition to all things pandemic-related, a broken pipe flooded their Boston boutique, completely obliterating their entire inventory, burying it under 6 ft. of sewage and water. Because the pandemic was also in full swing at the time, they decided to close their brick-and-mortar boutique and transition to an online-only shop model for the time being. However, losing that face-to-face connection with conscious consumers, as we all know (hello, remote teaching/learning, anyone?) has been a challenge. To help create some connection and to introduce all of you sustainable fashionistas (and fashionistos) out there to Ash & Rose, I got to pick out 3 entire looks using pieces from their freshly-updated online inventory.

Keep reading to learn more about the pieces that I chose and see how I’ve worked them into some pretty fun bohemian outfits!


Pieces in this look:

Skye Cotton Blouse, High Rise Slit Flare Jean, Hand Tooled Leather Purse, Basket Leather Leaf Earrings

Where do I even begin with this look? Do you ever put on an outfit and feel immediately at home in it? This was one of those outfits. The embroidery and tassel detail on the blouse have great visual interest and the puffed and pleated sleeves are beautifully made and are a ton of fun. These jeans fit like a second skin and while I’ve been late to join the high-waisted jeans party, this pair is easy to wear and made me feel incredibly on trend. The flared legs were just another added bohemian chic bonus. The texture of the woven leather earrings is quite organic and I thought that they paired nicely with the hand tooled leather purse. This bag was made in Guatemala in a fair trade setting, making me feel good about knowing that the artisan who put a ton of time and attention into hand-crafting a high quality piece was also working in a safe environment and was paid fairly for their labor.


Pieces in this look:

Hadley Midi Dress, Camilla Basket Circle Bag, Aiyana Druzy Prong Earrings, Anvil Ceramic Necklace

As soon as it is possible, I plan to wear this dress to a sidewalk cafe where I can sip an iced latte in the sunshine. The Hadley dress is made from 100% Tencel, which is a fiber that is created from wood pulp that comes from fast-growing trees. It is insanely soft (it feels a bit like silk), is incredibly breathable, and the cut on this dress is gorgeous. While I love super flowy skirts, I often shy away from ruffles, but the way that these sleeves drape was a fun change from my norm. I paired this dress with handmade druzy earrings and a handmade ceramic necklace because I like how their natural textures and colors popped against the blue of the dress. I finished this look with a woven rattan circle bag that was handmade in a fair trade setting in Bali. I don’t know about all of you, but I think that this is a perfect sunny day, coffee sipping outfit if I ever saw one.

Green Chic Life Outfit 3


Pieces in this look:

Javits Ribbed Cardigan, Daksha Embroidered Blouse, High Rise Scissor Cut Skinny Jeans, Organic Drop Earrings, Birch Bark Cuff

This outfit is all about texture. From the ribbed cardigan (made using fabrics sourced from the leftovers market) to the birch bark cuff (yes, it was forged using real birch bark for the most authentic look possible), this outfit has got a lot of both subtle and fashion forward details. The major focal point of this outfit is the embroidered blouse. This piece was artisan made in a fair trade setting in India. The embroidery was done by hand and it completely covers the front of the blouse, along with fun details on the asymmetrical sleeves and the hem. I offset all of the textures in this look with a pair of simple high waisted jeans for a look that is great for running weekend errands.

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