The Future of Ash & Rose - A Message from Our Founders

Written by: Mary Savoca



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Dear Friends,

It’s been three years now since a massive flood forced us to close up our brick-and-mortar shop in Boston. Between the flood, the pandemic, and welcoming our third baby into the family, re-opening immediately simply wasn’t an option. In March 2020, we said “goodbye for now” to our beloved shop.

SoWa Boston shop before and after

We didn’t realize at the time that saying goodbye would open the door to a whole new world of creative opportunity, and a massive pivot in the direction of our business.

It’s honestly taken us three years to really wrap our heads around our new direction, but we’re finally ready to share two announcements with you today: one bittersweet, and one super exciting. 

1. We’re taking a break from designing and selling clothing - possibly forever.

2. Ash & Rose is now your destination for gorgeous, handmade, sustainable GIFTS for the people who matter most in your life (and that includes yourself)!

Shifting to Gifting

We’re grateful that so many of you have supported us through our decade in the sustainable fashion boutique business, and looked to our woman-powered team as a trusted source for beautifully curated and artfully designed, eco-friendly and ethically produced clothing.

We’ve always been more than a clothing store. You’ve also turned to us for creative, handmade gifts, accessories, and jewelry. It turns out, these categories are where our business thrives.

We have MANY reasons for making the decision to stop selling clothing, and we’ll address this more deeply soon. Please feel free to ask questions and we’ll answer!

In the meantime, you’ll want to check out our Final Clearance Sale. We still love and believe in sustainable fashion, and will share our resources and new brands we align with, as we find them!

So…what’s next?

Glad you asked!

Ash & Rose is your destination for gorgeous, sustainable, handmade gifts.

Ash & Rose Apothecary products are handmade in our studio featuring local flowers and herbs.

Ash & Rose Accessories are made with upcycled fabrics, in collaboration with our local factory and textile mill community.

Ash & Rose Jewelry features beautiful fair trade gems and components, combined with local design talent.

Road Map

With our newfound focus, we have SO MANY product concepts in development. We don’t want to spill the ALL the beans just yet, but here are a few projects we’re ready to share:

We’re designing new gift packaging, with options like adding cards and notes, launching in time for the 2023 holiday season.

We plan to offer custom printing options on many of our products, so you can give them as party favors, client gifts, and so much more (Have a project in mind already? Go ahead and inquire!).

We’re expanding our physical retail footprint. You can find Ash & Rose in 750 stores in the USA and Europe, and counting! Stay tuned for a list of places you can buy Ash & Rose in your area.

We’ll keep participating in local pop-up markets, and yes, we are actively looking to lease a permanent studio and showroom space!

We’re starting to share a bit more behind the scenes (and might even show more of our faces soon), so if you want to follow the journey please check out our Instagram.

We’re just so excited to finally share this update, and we’d love to hear your feedback, ideas, and questions!


Nea, Mary, and Team Ash & Rose