Lively Living Simply Done with Cindi Jacobs

Essence Tank Top, Watercolor Linen Skirt, Issoria Cuff Bracelet, Mini Tote Crossbody Bag

What would fashion photography be without the models who give them life? People who are comfortable in front of the camera never go out of style. Just ask Cindi Jacobs who modeled for years before she started her own landscaping business Simply Done. We got to channel Cindi's modeling skills during her photoshoot at Ash & Rose and also learned more about how her career path led her to where she is now. 

"So I was in systems integration in the computer field for thirteen years. Golden handcuffs: I managed over twenty two million dollars a year and anywhere from seventeen to thirty people. I wore a pager. It was insane. So when I finally decided to have kids, I thought 'I can't do this job' so I gave a six month notice. I had one day off before I had a scheduled c-section. I had a Friday off and I gave birth at 6:30 in the morning on Monday. 
You can tell a little bit about my nuts personality from there.
I worked in a preschool and did software sales for a little bit part time. Then I said, 'You know what, I'm always organizing everyone. Let me do this.' So I did organization and redesign and then about five years ago, I've always been into gardening and I started doing landscaping. It's just me; I don't have anyone that works for me. I plant, I dig, I design everything. But I wrecked my shoulder so I'm not going as crazy. 
I do beautiful containers and small landscape projects. 
After high school they had this contest. It was for Miss Meadow Glen Mall and you had to represent a store. My girlfriend worked at McDonald's and she said, 'I'm not going to do it. Do you want to be Miss McDonald's?'. If you win it's $500 cash and $500 in prizes and I lived in the projects and this was the nicest place I had ever lived at that point in my life. I was like 'wow, ok.' So turns out the contest was supposed to be fixed and I knew the girl who was supposed to win, this little tiny blonde thing. She was super bubbly and I wasn't. I wore dark wash jeans and a leather jacket. The contest was really long; it was over two nights. It had judges and an agent and I ended up winning. I took the $500 and bought everyone's Christmas presents for the year."
You can find Cindi's company Simply Done on Facebook and on Instagram (@simplydonecindi). 

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