Finding Joy with Jenna Green



Meet Jenna, our featured model for the week! 

Koro Maxi Dress 

Jenna is fun, fabulous and not afraid to be herself. She inspires confidence and authenticity to everyone around her. 

Being authentic and confident in who you are is certainly not an easy goal to achieve and it can be very challenging; however, as Jenna tells us, it is 100% worth it. Her life motto is: 

“Life’s hard, find joy anyway”

One way to achieve this goal is through fashion, which as a Marketing Professional and social media influencer, Jenna practices religiously. 


Elisa Lace Dress

As a strong woman who struggles with a chronic illness, Jenna explains that she has always been an advocate for what she calls, “grit and grace”, especially through a style outlet. 

“I’m a big proponent of if you feel good physically, you feel better mentally. You can be chronically ill and still cute too!” 


(Available online soon), Chevron Diamond Earrings 

We love this look on Jenna. It’s fun, it’s flirty and it’s wonderfully unique. Jenna is radiant with confidence in this dress, as she tells us: 

“I love this dress, it makes me feel very skinny, it makes me want to twirl and it’s very easy to throw it on and just go. I feel put together but comfortable, it feels like I am wearing pajamas. All you have to do is just throw it on and you’re put together and ready to go! I like easy fashion.”


Scalloped Lace Topper, Ella Organic Cami, Eunica Earrings

Jenna’s next look is just as fun and flirty as her first one! What she and many other models who have tried on this look have found was that it’s incredibly unique and special and has that desirable “wow” factor. This look is perfect for an evening out and will surely make you feel amazing. As Jenna tells us, 

“You feel like you are just ready to take on anything in this outfit, it’s fantastic”


Elisa Lace Dress

Jenna explains that finding her style helped her not only to be confident in her own skin, but to find joy through “grit and grace”. 

Three years ago, Jenna was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and therefore working full time, 8 hours a day quickly became very physically and emotionally demanding. So, Jenna had to learn how to persevere through the challenges and define her own success instead of letting others define it for her. Although it may sound silly, one step in that right direction was feeling good about what you are wearing.


Dara Gauze Tank, Gramercy Hat 

Throughout her modeling experience here Jenna felt great: 

“I love the style, the colors and patterns. The clothes are really unique and the detail on everything is exquisite and the size range is fantastic. I love being able to shop different sizes because I am sometimes an in-between size and you never know how things are going to fit. The styles are so on trend and so fun that you kind of just want everything in the store!” 

We loved having Jenna come in and model with us and we are very thankful for all of her tips about confidence. Finding your own style and embracing it is a great way to practice being confident in your own skin. Take it from Jenna and try on a little confidence!

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