Fashion Inspired with Keisha Greaves

Summer Sonnet Dress, Demeter Necklace 

Meet Keisha, 

With a heart of gold and a zest for life, Keisha inspired all of us on the Ash & Rose team during her time modeling for us.

Summer Sonnet Dress, Demeter Necklace 

At the age of 24, Keisha was diagnosed with the chronic illness, Muscular Dystrophy and started dealing with symptoms pretty early on. From that point on, Keisha had to learn to adjust her life to the upcoming challenges that life handed her unexpectedly and that’s just what she did.

After Keisha was diagnosed she decided not to let the challenges defeat her. She explains that one thing that she has always had a passion for, and that especially helped inspire and motivate her while she faced the challenges of MD, is fashion. 

“Fashion helped me arrive everyday. I was watching my TV shows like Project Runway, following and watching different fashion designers on social media. That inspiration fueled me and helped me to tell myself,  ‘let me get back into what I was trying to do’ Yes, this may be a little setback, but getting inspired by fashion again even by the simplest of ways by styling my outfit for doctors appointments, motivated me to get back into the swing of things and what my current dream was.”

Summer Sonnet Dress, Demeter Necklace 

Prior to her diagnosis, Keisha always knew that she wanted to wanted to be a fashion designer and an entrepreneur. In an effort to keep that dream alive and inspire others, Keisha started her own fashion line, “Girls Chronically Rock”. She keeps that inspiration and momentum going and hopes to one day have her line featured in big commercial stores such as Target.

Landscape Dress, Sheena Red Mix Necklace, Embossed Print Envelope Clutch

When she came in and modelled at Ash & Rose, Keisha truly showed us how fashion inspires her. She loved the process of being styled and modeling outfits that truly express who she is. She tells us what she loves about this outfit:

“It’s so creative, it’s very colorful. I love different outside, creative things. For instance, I love this bag. I love how it kind of reinvents the outfit. Although it still coordinates and collaborates with the outfit, I love how it kind of reinvents the outfit. And I love this necklace, as soon as I saw this necklace, I thought, that’s going to look perfect with that tee shirt. I love how everything came together.”


Sweet Spot Blouse, Watercolor Devi Earrings, Large Geo Tube Necklace, Issoria Cuff Bracelet 

When push came to shove, Keisha’s passion for fashion drove her success and inspired her to face the challenges of a chronic illness not only with great strength and courage, but with great style. 

We agree with Keisha 100%, that fashion truly is a form of self-expression that can truly help you get through even the toughest of challenges. 

Thank you for sharing your story Keisha!

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