Evolve with Us in 2022

A Note from Nea & Mary

A big lesson of 2021 was to slow down and show ourselves compassion when things didn't go exactly as planned. That’s why we’re totally Zen about this New Year’s message going out on January 5th!

Many of you remember our Boston shop getting flooded and destroyed in 2020, and honestly we’re still figuring out exactly where we go from here. Working from home with the kids, we continue to rebuild with intention and lay the groundwork for growth. It takes a village, and we’re so humbled and grateful that you’ve stuck with us through this wild journey of life and business!

A Few Highlights from 2021!


  • We started seeing you in real life again at the SoWa Markets this summer. There is nothing better than seeing your beautiful faces!
  • We launched the Ash & Rose Apothecary collection and spent a ton of time outside planting new herb and flower beds to grow our own ingredients.
  • We had an incredible holiday season, connecting you with ethical + sustainable + beautiful gifts both online and IRL, and landing our products in over 350 independent boutiques.
  • Mary’s third child (and Nea’s third grandchild) was born, and we’re somehow still functioning with three kids under the age of five running about!

As we head into 2022, two words have emerged as themes for the year: EVOLUTION and CONNECTION.

  • We’ll continue to EVOLVE to better serve your needs, and develop products that play to our strengths and add real beauty and value in your life. You’ll see a lot more handmade accessories, bath + body, home goods, children’s products, and "giftables" this year.
  • We’ve set an intention to really CONNECT with you this year, both in terms of sharing a little more from our own lives and behind-the-scenes in the business, and also to genuinely engage and communicate with you both in-person and on social media.
  • As we grow bigger, we’re looking forward to building a more intimate bond with the most important people in our business -- you all!

Nea & Mary

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