Becoming Your Own Boss With Amanda LaRose

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Making the decision to venture off from your current job to start your own business can be daunting. Just ask Amanda LaRose, who started her own interior design company Studio Bowerbird after she decided her current job was not giving her enough credit. Amanda's journey to becoming her own boss is full of twists and turns, but she handled it all with a grace that is truly inspiring. Read on for Amanda's story and a how her personal style has evolved. 
"[Studio Bowerbird] is kitchen design and architectural design. I have a bachelor of fine arts in interior design, but I specialized in the kitchen, millwork, architectural type design very early in my career.
I worked for several different showrooms and I was commuting from Boston into Wellesley when I was pregnant with my second child. When I came off of maternity leave I had moved to the Metrowest area in Natick and the company I was working for wanted me to commute to Boston. After that I saw the writing on the wall and began to start my own business.
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My mom had always told me "if you love it you'll be successful at it" and for a lot of years I didn't believe that.
Fortunately I had a bought a big antique house in the center of Natick so I had the space to carve out a studio. I took online orders, used my computer, called on my past resources, and built a business. This July it will be five years. 
I've always said entrepreneurialism is an affliction, not a choice. 
I think that as you grow as a designer, you grow in style as well and you play around with different things until you find something that feels natural. When I'm working that's the way it feels. Sometimes I think I don't push it enough because it feels so effortless to me, but it feel so new and exciting to my clients. I feel like I'm getting to that place in my own fashion choices as well."
Find out more about Amanda's company Studio Bowerbird on its Facebook page

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