Embracing Your Athletic Style & Fitness with Emily Kronhaus


Soleil Tee, Tsavo Necklace 

Meet Emily, 

One of our featured models for the week and a kickboxing instructor, Emily’s photoshoot was a knockout! 

She had a great time modeling for us and talking about her everyday style and health and fitness routine. Keep reading and check out her photos and health and fitness tips below.

Ella Organic Cami, Downtown Leggings

Everyone is different in terms of how they want to exercise and relieve stress and there are a variety of ways to do it. Emily tells us that finding the health and fitness routine that works for you is a great way to manage stress and feel good about yourself. Kickboxing is one of Emily’s favorite ways to work out:

“I have a lot of stress. I need to workout and it needs to be vigorous. I need that endorphin rush.”

Ella Organic Cami, Downtown Leggings

Emily works at I Love Kickboxing where she has a variety of students from beginners to advanced who specialize in martial arts. She explains to us her recommendations for getting into kickboxing: 

“I think it’s great for stress and getting into shape. I’m a huge advocate of working out in any way you can to stay healthy physically and mentally.”

 In addition to teaching kickboxing, Emily works as a mental health counselor where she counsels families and adolescents.  She tells us that working out, especially kickboxing, is a fantastic way to manage mental health in addition to physical fitness: 

“Working out can be so good for your mental health too, it releases a lot of endorphins and feel good chemicals in your brain. In fact, I encourage a lot of my mental health clients to take up a healthy workout such as kickboxing or yoga.”

Ella Organic Cami, Downtown Leggings

Emily tells us there are many physical benefits to getting in a health and fitness routine:  

“It’s a lifestyle change, you want to eat well and workout and in the long run, you feel better and more confident. A lot of people focus on the weight loss and I encourage people to try and look at the overall benefits of eating healthier and working out.”

Ella Organic Cami, Downtown Leggings

Emily’s fitness regime certainly helped inspire her personal style!

Emily says that her style is more athletic and she definitely embraces it into her everyday routine. She loves this look: 

 “I like that it’s comfortable. It’s something that I could workout in and then maybe go do groceries in”

Dancing Umbrellas Dress, Soft Diamond Hoops 

Athletic she may be, Emily says that her style is a combination: 

“I describe my style as athletic and boho chic. I like to feel comfortable in my clothes and my skin. Whatever makes me feel sexy.”

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Like your health and fitness routine, style is unique to you and can be a combination of things. Whether it’s a combo of casual and boho chic or athletic and editorial, your style can be whatever you make of it. 

That uniqueness is what Emily loved about the Ash & Rose style: 

“I really like the style because it’s very unique and business casual at the same time. I could wear a lot of these clothes to work and then go out afterwards for dinner with friends. You have workout clothes, which I love. You have such a good variety that makes me feel sophisticated”

Silk Feathers GownMulti Bars Necklace

Take it from Emily and embrace your inner athlete! Find the right fitness routine for you and who knows maybe you will also find your own knockout athletic style.

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