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If you’re like Ann Marie and you work primarily from home, then your style is most likely more comfortable. Since your office is at home, you don’t need to follow the same standards as someone whose office is in a corporate building, and you can be as comfortable as you want. Marie tells us however, that there really is something to dressing for success that relates to her confidence and productivity.

Crepe Midi Dress, Soft Diamond Hoops, Geo Cuff Bracelet

“I work from home with my almost 2-year old, so my work style tends to be comfortable, relaxed and very similar everyday. I have been trying to dress up a little more, wearing real pants, a real shirt and putting on some lipstick, because it makes me feel good about myself. When I dress for success and take just a few minutes in the bathroom in the morning for myself, putting on makeup and putting on lipstick, I feel more ready for the day.” 

Take it from Ann Marie, those few minutes in the morning for self care really makes a difference. Give it a go and add it into your morning routine. 

 (Top available in store),  Sheng Trousers

With this look that she is wearing, Ann Marie tells us, 

“This outfit is my favorite, especially this shirt, because it’s something that I never would have picked out for myself, but trying it on it feels like my style.” 

Ann Marie had the ideal shoppers experience during her photoshoot, where she tried something on that she never would have picked out for herself and that she thought would not have looked great on her, but it turned out that it was a hit for her. 

So, insiders tip from Ann Marie: try on new things, even if you think it won’t look good on you. 

Sweet Spot Blouse, High Impact Paisley Skirt, Palma Bracelet,

Teardrop Druzy Earrings

Ann Marie works in marketing and advertising, so coming in and modeling for us and being on the other side of the camera was a challenging but great experience as she tells us, 

“It’s a little uncomfortable but it’s fun so far. I wasn’t really sure what to expect because I’ve run photoshoots for brands before, not frequently with people it’s mostly objects, but I’ve only done the production side of it. It’s totally different to be on the other side of the camera and it’s a lot harder than I thought, but it’s been great being here.” 

This was Ann Marie’s first modeling experience and although, as she explains, it was challenging at first she ended up having a great time! 

 Leo Dress

Ann Marie loved all of the looks that she modeled, she explains that she loves their comfort and their transitional quality and versatility, how she can either dress them up or dress them out. 

We agree with Ann Marie, finding those key comfortable yet stylish outfits, that you can easily transition and wear for a variety of events or functions, is essential to finding your confidence in your style.

 We have many options for all you out there that were inspired by Ann Marie’s looks and are also looking to find your comfortable and chic style. Check out our store located in Sowa Boston or check out our online store at!  

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