Meet the Team: Brianna Hanson~The Unexpected Art Student

Hello! I’m Brianna, and I'm a marketing intern at Ash & Rose, specializing in marketing and visual merchandising.

My artistic journey has been exciting, but it didn’t really start until I arrived at college. Growing up, I lived in a small town, where the arts were taught at the most basic level, but never encouraged. While I had dreams of working as a fashion designer in NYC, my friends and peers were setting goals to be scientists and doctors. Being raised in such a STEM heavy school system, it was difficult to pursue interests in the art field. Fortunately, I have incredibly wonderful parents, who have always supported me endlessly. 

As I approached my senior year of high school, it was time to visit colleges and make decisions about where I wanted to spend the next four years of my educational career. Not wanting to stick out from the crowd, along with a lack of confidence in my own abilities, I applied to mostly generic state schools with modest fashion programs. It wasn’t until my aunt introduced me to the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), that my eyes were opened to the amazing artist community that exists. As college acceptance letters rolled in, I patiently waited to hear from SCAD, which was quick to become my top choice. I’ll never forget the day they called to offer me a spot at their school. I don’t consider myself an overly emotional person, but that October evening I sobbed tears of joy. 
Just the opportunity to be a part of the artistic world was an overwhelmingly wonderful feeling.

Now entering my junior year of college, it has been interesting to look back at my experience. The start of freshman year was unsurprisingly nerve wracking. Classes included color theory, drawing, and 3-D design. I came in, totally unprepared, scared out of my mind, and feeling like I had absolutely no artistic or creative talent. But, with lots of hard work, dedication, and many, many long nights, I survived my first two years of college. I can’t even express how much I have learned, and how much I have grown, both as a person and an artist. Calling myself an artist still feels strange, but with each day my skills grow and my confidence builds. 

Today, I’m working towards a degree in Fashion Marketing and Management, with a concentration in fibers and sustainability. I love my classes, my friends, and my community of fellow artists. Being in an art school, I have really been able to dive into where my passions lie, and explore so many different avenues. My biggest goal now, is to end up working for Oscar de la Renta, and bring sustainability into their brand. 

Interning at Ash & Rose has been such an amazing opportunity. Not only does the brand stand for all the values I look for in an ethical company, but the co-owners, Mary and Nea have given me so much knowledge and experience that I can use as a foundational building block in my career. I’ve been a part of the visual merchandising team, reworking the design of the store and putting my artistic talents to use. It has been a wonderful experience and I am cherishing every moment of it! 

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