As Seen On Chic Beat

When Bridgette isn't hitting up local eateries or checking out new small businesses, she's running a personal style blog called Chic Beat. She believes that personal expression in fashion is important because every day is an opportunity to reinvent yourself! Watch as she shows us her favorite looks from Ash & Rose and gives us a tour of the South End!

In the first outfit, she is seen wearing the Tournament Coat and two Polished Tagua Bracelets.

In the second outfit, she is wearing the Sophear Dress, paired with the Galapagos Necklace and a Mount Entoto Bag (similar).

In the final outfit, Bridgette wears the Mayan Pullover, Embroidered Frogs Pencil Skirt, Sage Leaf Cut Bracelet, and the Axis Necklace.

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