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Ana Capdevielle made a dreary day in South Boston look stunning and picturesque. The Boston based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger has tips, tricks and guides for everything from your daily skin care routine to picking out a killer last minute date night look, and we're thinking she should add one to rocking a photoshoot no matter what the weather throws at you, because she handled the rain like a pro! Her blog and instagram are full of great info to keep you one step ahead of all the latest trends.

Every piece she chose was full of tactile, cozy goodness and the Lily Velvet Party Dress was no exception. Everything from the embroidery to the material and deep, saturated color of this dress oozes winter chic style and comfort. Her choice of the Constellations Statement Necklace accentuates the embroidery of the neckline and feels like an extension of the dress adding even more dimension to the look. 

Combining different textures and materials is a great way to heighten your look and add dimension and Ana has an amazing 'touch' when it comes to material mixing. For her second look she combined the Yami Leather Vest with our handmade in shop Easy Loops Stretch Sweater and the Halima Velvet Skirt (soon to be added to the website). She finished the look with the mint Williams Clutch which adds a pop of color as well as yet another material, linen. Layers are your best friend in the fall and Ana is an advocate for mixing and matching pieces in your closet to give new life to your clothes, each of these pieces can be used in different ways in order to give you an entirely new vibe!

Ana looks effortlessly fashion forward combining patterns, materials and prints but keeping the color pallet monochromatic in this final outfit. Again here she's playing with all of these different elements but unifying it through the creamy pallet, the Srey Oun Sweater and Tapestry Midi Skirt both have rich textures and movement. The organic prints and shapes of these fabrics is contrasted by the geometric Double Arrowhead Necklace and Jigsaw Bracelet. While this geometric contrast is a great break from all the woven fabrics, the up cycled horn which these jewelry pieces are made out of keeps them in the same realm of organic feeling materials. 

It was fantastic working with Ana Capdeville! Be sure to check out her blog and instagram @TheGlowGame to stay up to date on all of her amazing trends, tips and advice. To see more looks from this shoot follow @AshandRose on instagram!

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