Soko was founded on the belief that innovation can empower women, can connect markets, and can foster opportunities that change lives.

Soko’s jewelry is beautiful and bold, just like the artisans behind these gorgeous styles! 

What makes Soko so unique is their innovative mobile supply chain, empowering artisans to enter the marketplace even if they don’t have a computer or bank account. Because of this level playing field, artisans can connect with retailers and customers, selling their ethically made, sustainable, and exquisite jewelry to the world and therefore become an economic driver within their community. We at Ash & Rose consider ourselves very lucky to be one of the retailers carrying jewelry from Soko, and we hope you’re as excited to see them on our site as we are!

One of our favorite pieces this season is the Tepe Mixed Media Necklace, made from upcycled materials including cow bone, horn, and brass. Watch the video below for a glimpse of how it's made!


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