Cameron Dress pictured on the right.

There’s an elephant in the room, and we need to talk about it!

While we’re so excited to feature Threads 4 Thought and their beautiful dresses, made from Organic Cotton, Modal and Recycled Polyester - all under $60 - we recognize that these styles carry the “Made in China” hangtag that many of our loyal Ash & Rose customers try to avoid. Most of the time we avoid it too!

Of course we support you in whatever ethical clothing choices you make, but we feel it’s important to acknowledge the positive impacts Threads 4 Thought and these dresses make (and why we made the rare exception to feature garments made in China):

  •  Recycled Polyester – The benefits of recycled polyester include requiring less energy and water to produce than virgin polyester, as well as diverting waste from landfills.
  • Organic Cotton – Conventionally grown cotton uses large amounts of insecticides and pesticides, which is why choosing organically grown cotton (using no insecticides, pesticides or GMO seeds) is such an important choice.
  • Reducing Water Consumption – manufacturing and dying clothing uses vast amounts of water, and Weihai, China (where T4T sources many of their products) has one of the most advanced water purification system in the world. 82% of all water used throughout the city is purified, recycled and reused again.
  • Ethical Manufacturing  - No matter where the factory is located, ethical manufacturing processes positively impact the lives of those it employs. It means fair wages, working no more than 40 hours/week, overtime pay, and clean, safe working conditions.

Are you in? Here's two of our faves to get you started:

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