Not all wedding dress codes are created equal. While some are more standard, likeBlack Tie or Formal, some couples are opting to get creative, selecting dress codes likeBohemian Chic or the simple yet elusive Fabulous!

We love the originality, but it does add another layer of complexity during a season when you’re already trying to find the perfect gift for the couple who has everything, making travel arrangements to spend the big day with your loved ones, and hopefully even finding some time to go on your own vacation!

While we have our own interpretation of Bohemian Chic, maybe pairing our Marigold Dress with a Raw Diamond Ombre Necklace, even we can’t offer a definitive answer on what will be truly fabulous for every wedding you might attend this summer!

Hopefully our breakdown will help you navigate the dress codes and have a truly fabulous time, so you worry less about your dress and enjoy more of those magical wedding moments.

White Tie \\ Black Tie\\ Formal

This is the most formal group of dress codes, and you should plan to wear a floor-length gown. Because it will most likely be an evening event, we love the romantic elegance of our new Wild Blooms Maxi Dress. All it needs is pair of chandelier earrings and you’re ready to enjoy any formal affair!

Semiformal \\ Dressy Casual \\ Festive

While this group doesn’t require the same level of pomp and circumstance, you still want some sophistication either in a cocktail dress or a floor-length dress with more casual accessories. Feel free to be playful and push the envelope - our Sweet Blooms Two-Piece is a flirty yet appropriate choice.

Casual \\ Fabulous!

Take cues from the location and time of day for the wedding. That will set the tone on color palette, length, and fabric, and then you can just have fun with it! If you want to go truly casual, try mixing and matching tops and skirts from the Ash & Rose Collection, like this look feauting our Dotted Peplum Top and Riverside Pencil Skirt.

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