Hello Ash & Rose community!

My name is Michelle and I am one of the new Ash & Rose interns. You may have seen me mentioned in the previous blog post or during my guest appearance on the Ash & Rose instagram account (more of that to come by the way!) 
Right about now you may be asking, who is this girl, what is she doing, where did she come from, what does she like, what is her favorite food, what is her favorite material? Maybe not. I'll tell you anyway, though, in case you are curious.
As Mary mentioned I am currently a junior at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design here in Boston, and I am studying Fibers. What is fibers? Everything, really. For me, fibers has been dyeing, carding, spinning, weaving, knitting, crocheting, resist printing, screen printing, sculptural weaving, upholstery, sewing, stapling, and lots of reading. As a sophomore I got very interested in the qualities of different fibers and their uses as fabric, as well as the endless possibilities of surface design. Last semester, I threw myself into reupholstery and overhauled my apartment (with the consent of my roommates, of course). Then, I was very curious about attraction and repulsion, and the power play we as artists have with our viewers. This semester in studio, I am examining Eadward Muybridge, among others, to observe the abstraction of movement into line. These lines will then be shrunk down or enlarged and printed on fabric in a pattern also informed by the movement itself. 
This is all fine and good but what does it have to do with Ash & Rose? Well, lucky for me Mary's cousin, (Nea's niece), Liz mentioned to me that I may be of some use as Ash & Rose moves towards opening their storefront. I reached out to these wonderful, welcoming women and we have been busy planning every since! My first project is reupholstering a sofa with Nea's guidance; very exciting! Feel free to check out my sketches (ignore messy perspective*) aphotos that I will be putting up each week to keep you all updated with my progress... Enjoy!
p.s. My favorite food is probably pizza and my favorite material is linen. (I think.) (At least currently.) 
Until next snowfall,

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