Hi! My name is... Lauren McLean
When I'm not modeling I'm... studying philosophy, doing yoga, arranging flowers, playing outside, spending time with my pug, Scout
My personal style is... always evolving. I'm from the West, so I have a pretty laid back style (lots of flannel, beanies and boots)
Right now I'm listening to... the Inside Llewyn Davis Soundtrack
The one garment I can't live without is... my Frye boots!
My spirit animal is... a female gray wolf, which I discovered while participating in a  guided yoga nidra up in Maine :)
On a Sunday afternoon I'm usually... sleeping in, reading, going to brunch with friends, walking my pup
My favorite workout is... riding my bicycle and doing yoga
I'm really great at cooking... tofu!
If I won the lottery I would... travel the world, and bring all of my favorite people along for the ride 
My favorite place in the world is... The Pacific Northwest 
Follow me on insta... @nerd_a_tron

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