Yule Tree-to-Be FINAL SALE
Yule Tree-to-Be FINAL SALE
Yule Tree-to-Be FINAL SALE

Yule Tree-to-Be FINAL SALE

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This kit will allows you to grow your very own Christmas tree!

Yule (Pinus sylvestris) The Scotch Pine is native to northern Europe. It is an evergreen conifer with a pyramidal shape. The Scotch Pine will grow up to 60 feet tall with a 40 foot spread in a landscape setting. It will reach 7-8 feet in six to eight years. Scotch Pines hold their needles for up to four weeks after harvest and retain their fragrance thoughout the season. It is the preferred Christmas tree in many countries.

  • Includes: tree seed, coir seedling pot, soil-less growing medium, metal saucer, aluminum tag, jute bag, directions
  • Bag 9.5" high x 8.5" wide
  • Handmade in USA

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Potting Shed Creations has been creating gardening items since 1998. Their core belief is that people create better products than machines. All items are handmade in Idaho, USA.

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