Skirt Du Jour - FINAL SALE
Skirt Du Jour - FINAL SALE
Skirt Du Jour - FINAL SALE

Skirt Du Jour - FINAL SALE

Earth Creations

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This knee length skirt has a classic feel to it with a ruching detail up each side. Lightweight and silky soft, without being too clingy. Looks great on all body types!

- 93% hemp / 7% spandex slub
- Made in the USA
- By Earth Creations
- Radhika is 5'10" wearing size Small
- Small length including waistband is approximately 21”

***This deeply discounted item may not be returned or exchanged.

The Earth Creations collection began when co-founder Joy Maples went for a bikeride, and ended up covered in Alabama red dirt. She soon discovered that she couldn't wash the clay color out of her clothes! She teamed up with co-founder Martin Ledvina and the two began expirimenting with using clay to dye organic cotton t-shirts. The line has since grown into a full organic apparel collection dyed in a rainbow of natural colors.

By comparison, conventionally produced dyes—and more frequently the by-products of producing these dyes—are toxic. Additionally, many conventional processes use large quantities of table salt. Though tasty in our food, salt causes irreversible harm to the ecosystems in our rivers, lakes, and underground water sources when released from a commercial dye house. In many cases, conventional dyeing processes have been barred from use in the United States due to stringent government regulations. Yet, due to relaxed environmental laws in many foreign countries, the process is still used overseas and the final products do make their way to the United States.

The bulk of our clothes are colored using natural clay. The eco-friendly dyeing process we developed for this purpose uses only natural and biodegradable materials. Not only does this process result in beautiful hues, but it also eliminates the need to use or manufacture artificially produced chemical dyestuffs. However, nature offers only a limited color palette. To compensate, we also make garments that are colored using low-impact, eco-friendly dyes in agreement with organic standards.