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Recycled Materials

Woman Made

Fair Trade Practices

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This mixed media necklace features beads made from recycled glass, horn, and cow bone on a 28" brass chain.

Created by Sasa Designs by the Deaf. In Kenya, the unemployment rate among deaf women is 85%. Sasa works with female artisans to preserve traditional techniques, build community, and offer meaningful employment and benefits.

Sign language is incredibly different than spoken language. One of the most incredible elements of sign language is the way that a person communicates with so much more than their hands - facial expression and movement help communicate the nuance that the hearing community relies on in spoken language. The Signs Necklace celebrates variety, color, texture and movement with every handmade bead and component. It can be worn in a multitude of ways - focusing on each and every piece for the unique statement it makes.

Sasa Designs by the Deaf was started in 2011 to provide employment and fair wages to deaf women in Kenya. With an estimated unemployment rate of 85% nationwide, few deaf have ever had the opportunity to support themselves or explore their potential. Deafness in Kenya carries grave stigma that leads to deaf individuals being ostracized and in the worst of cases, abused. Upon joining Sasa Designs, a deaf woman becomes an artisan – carefully cultivating a skill set that grows along with her confidence. A woman who has spent a lifetime feeling like a burden, can now take care of herself and her children.

Sasa Designs is a catalyst for transformation.

Our workshop in Kenya employs 13 deaf women full time, with plans to expand in the coming year. Sasa Designs plans to hire more deaf women and men in the future, while continuing to explore new materials and markets around the world. With four years of seasonal collections under our belt, we are beginning to expand our work to engage artisans beyond Kenya - starting in Haiti! We are proving that physically and geographically isolated artisans have the capacity, skill and vision to compete in the global accessories market. The artisans of Sasa Designs by the Deaf have started a new chapter in their lives, working each day to build a better life: for themselves, for their children, and for our global community as a whole. Sasa Designs envisions a world in which individuals can benefit from participation in the global market regardless of their gender, geographic location or physical characteristics.