Handwoven Placemats - Zig Zag Set of 4 Navy and Teal
Zero Waste Handwoven Placemat Set

Zero Waste Handwoven Placemat Set

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A beautiful adornment for your dining table arrangement. These placemats are handwoven using cutting room scraps! Rest easy knowing they were made in a sustainable zero-waste process. Choose from gorgeous navy and teal or neutral ivory and black.

  • Set of 4 placemats
  • 11x16"
  • Made from fabric scraps. At least 90% natural, plant-based fiber
  • Handmade in Cambodia with fair labor practices. Artisans earn a fair living wage

Stripes run horizontally across the placemats.

tonlé adheres to the principles of transparency, fairness, and waste reduction in everything they do, from the big stuff like wages, down to the little things like the materials in our buttons.

tonlé’s unwavering commitment to the environment can be seen in every aspect of production. Like a chef sourcing local fruits and vegetables for a seasonal meal, the design team can often be found combing through literal tons of fabric cast aside by large manufacturers to find the highest quality remnant fabrics. The entire production leaves 0% waste, as compared to a typical factory, which can average up to 40%.

Instead of a traditional assembly line model, tonlé workshops are set up with team structures, where team members work on different types of products to improve their skills and contribute more creatively. They want to foster an environment where our employees enjoy working, feel confident to rebuild their lives, and can express themselves freely.

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