Roll Up Worry Doll Playset
Roll Up Worry Doll Playset
Roll Up Worry Doll Playset
Roll Up Worry Doll Playset

Roll Up Worry Doll Playset

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According to Guatemalan legend, children tell their worries to Worry Dolls, placing them under their pillow when they go to bed each night. By morning the dolls have gifted them with the wisdom and knowledge to eliminate their worries.  

This set features a family of 5 dolls: 2 adults and 3 niñas. There's a cloth roll up holder for the family to live in. All figures are dressed in traditional, handwoven cotton Guatemalan garb that comes in assorted colors.

  • 7"H x 6"W unfurled; closes to 3 1/2"H x 2"W when tied
  • 100% Cotton Fabrics
  • 100% Nylon doll faces
  • Handmade in Guatemala according to Fair Trade Practices

UPAVIM is a self-run cooperative of women in La Esperanza, Guatemala that provides leadership opportunities, greater economic independence and education for the members and their families.  It represents a colorful beacon of hope and pride for many in La Esperanza. 

UPAVIM Crafts is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, an association that strengthens, promotes and validates fair trade organizations in the U.S. and Canada. UPAVIM Crafts provides equitable wages to artisans, maintains transparent relationships and cultivates a culture of mutual respect.

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