Reverie Long Hammered Necklace
Reverie Long Hammered Necklace

Reverie Long Hammered Necklace


$ 45.00


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Made In USA


Woman Made

Very simple, very long.  The hammered pendant part is made from Nickel or Brass and the chain is Gold filled/ Sterling Silver.

  • Total length of 34 inches
  • Total length of the pendant is 3 inches
  • Made in New Mexico by teen moms who are participating in a mentorship and work-study program that provides part-time income, childcare and additional support.

Tumble creates jewelry and home decor with a warm toned minimalist aesthetic. Tumble is a small, female owned business.  We believe in shopping small, sustainable, and in the highest quality. 

In the jewelry making process, after a piece has been designed, cut, shaped, hammered, and soldered it often looks discolored, mangled, and almost unappealing.

But then, it gets tumbled.

When a piece of jewelry is in the tumbler it rolls around with hundreds of pieces of small stainless steel for hours. It’s like little hammers hitting the piece over and over. This hard metal confronting your fragile piece of jewelry relentlessly and yet it doesn’t get harmed or broken. Instead in the end it strengthens your piece and comes out brilliantly polished, looking nothing like it did when the process began.

OUR LIVES ARE JUST LIKE THAT. We are fragile people figuring out who we are, what our function is and how we can thrive & make an impact. It is when we experience tension and challenges that we see how strong we are. We end up more polished, prepared and unshaken as we go through the world, day after day. That’s the magic.

So yeah, Tumble is your story and it is mine and we are better for it.