Piper Woven Flats - FINAL SALE
Piper Woven Flats - FINAL SALE
Piper Woven Flats - FINAL SALE
Piper Woven Flats - FINAL SALE
Piper Woven Flats - FINAL SALE

Piper Woven Flats - FINAL SALE

Neuaura Shoes

$ 20.00 $ 94.00


The size you have selected is currently backordered. Please allow approx 6 weeks for delivery.

***This deeply reduced item may not be returned or exchanged.

Smoking slipper style with woven vegan upper. Perfect with jeans for a chic, laid back look.

- Cotton/polyester weave blend fabric with patent PU binding.
- German rubber sole.
- By Neuaura Shoes

Neuaura is dedicated to bringing quality, unique footwear that is animal free and eco-friendly.  The shoe company is commited to ensuring that their manufacturing process and materials leave minimal impact on our planet. 

NEUAURA shoes are 100% vegan. They do not contain any leather, fur, silk, wool, shell, or pearls. No animal by-products are used during manufacturing and/or finishing processes.

A portion of Neuaura's manufacturing is done in a factory located in Southern Brazil. This factory is part of a union that decided to take the responsibility of solid waste of the entire production process seriously and make it less harmful to the environment. In this initiative, the proper separation of waste at the factory level ensures that everything that can be reused is recycled and goes back to the industrial process. Each factory that is part of the union and has implemented the recycling practice in their facility, stamps a green seal on all the boxes which certifies this practice on their products. The seal is printed on all NEUAURA shoeboxes so consumers can identify that the shoes were manufactured in a green facility.

Neuaura's factory is powered by hydroelectricity which uses renewable resources. The factory also advocates recycling and protection and preservation of endangered animals to their surrounding communities. They sponsor a habitat for endangered animals native to their area that serves as an educational tool and provides an overall awareness to the community.