On Point Cuff
On Point Cuff
On Point Cuff

On Point Cuff

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This brass cuff is classic and simple, with a unique pointed detail. It can be worn alone or layered with other bracelets. The bracelet can be gently bent to fit any size wrist. Sterling silver.

Sasa Designs is an organization that employs disabled women in rural Kenya while creating top-quality, fashion forward accessories.

Sasa Designs by the Deaf was founded in Kenya in 2011 to offer jewelry-making jobs to deaf women, and to combat the stigma of deafness.

In Kenya deafness carries grave stigma that leads to deaf individuals being ostracized and, in the worst of cases, abused. With an estimated unemployment rate of 85% nationwide, few deaf women have ever had the opportunity to support themselves or explore their potential. Upon joining Sasa Designs, a deaf woman becomes an artisan – carefully cultivating a skill set that grows along with her confidence. 

Sasa Designs envisions a world in which individuals can benefit from participation in the global market regardless of their gender, geographic location, or physical characteristics.

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