Naya Snake Earrings
Naya Snake Earrings
Naya Snake Earrings

Naya Snake Earrings

We Dream in Colour

$ 70.00

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Made In USA


Sustainable Production

These earrings have a wow factor right away because of their flattering length and the labradorite dangles.  It takes most a closer look to see that they are elegant snakes.  Very satisfying. 

  • Suspended brass serpents on sterling silver studs with faceted labradorite drops.
  • 3.75" [10cm] total length.

We Dream in Colour was founded in 2002 in New York City by designer Jade Gedeion.  Located on Boston's North Shore, their studio is powered by an awesome team of women.  Each and every We Dream in Colour piece is assembled by hand by the in-house production team in Salem, MA.  From small to big they take as many steps as possible to minimise their environmental impact and to operate in a socially conscious fashion.